Restart, reset and refresh

February 2023

Current energies ask us to maintain our personal space.

January 2023

+ an exciting personal update!
A trailer for the year ahead, coming soon to a reality near you. Image credit: Photo by Myke Simon on Unsplash

December 2022

This solstice is a deep one.

November 2022

A current energies update.

October 2022

Keep in time with the cosmic metronome. Photo by Rachel Loughman on Unsplash.
Eclipses, new seasons and changing celestial cycles.

June 2022

Stand still before launching into life's next season.
There is so much more to it than just astrology.

May 2022

Jupiter changing signs, Mercury retrograde and a Lunar Eclipse.

April 2022

What is it and why does it matter? Thumbnail photo by Brad on Unsplash