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A Microphone

An analogy for the current energies beginning January 11th

The analogy is a microphone. So what's a microphone used for? A microphone is used for projecting our voice, for sharing a message. And why do we project our voices? Why do we share a message?

To conn…

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Making Sense of the Universe
What the Heck is Energetic Astrology? with @shannonhugman
There is so much to unpack when it comes to Energetic Astrology that we needed to create this podcast to fit it all in (I mean it is infinite space...). We love Instagram but sometimes those little bit sized content nuggets leave us hungry for more...consider this the all-you-can-eat buffet of information served up by @shannonhugman. Each month Shannon will debunk and dummy down these sometimes complex topics; in order for you to take this information and apple it to your every day lives. We love questions! email Qs to:
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